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Kleist's Amazon war drama "Penthesilea" is not for the faint-hearted  ... War, love, nudity, sex ... It was loud, it was passionate, dirty, suspenseful and insane ... The acting is great from everyone involved, from the lead roles to Penthesilea's confidante Prothoe ... The madness is in the eyes of the performers, the lust for battle in their limbs...


An intense, gripping evening of theater that impressively shows what theater can be today .  


... Josef Maria Krasanovsky leads the outstanding ensemble with a sure hand in direction into social abysses ... He sent "Some messages to space" and also "The great march was an activity free of taboos ... for the Klagenfurt ensemble director Josef Maria Krasanovsky congenially closes his Lotz Trilogy ... It is an unusually stringent and visually stunning stage adaptation that Krasanovsky heaves into the Theater Halle 11 after the radio play of the same name for the Klagenfurt Ensemble ...  And when the great six-strong ensemble wallows in blood, beer and excrement, the "ridiculous darkness" has grown to an orgiastic crescendo, in whose rough, weird, funny roar, absurdity becomes reality that leaves no one cold who looks into a darkness that lurks wherever there is "humanity".   

THE RIDICULOUS DARKNESS  Kronenzeitung Carinthia

Director Josef Maria Krasanovsky and set designer Gerrit von Mettingen show this endgame as a furious battle... Guido Frank and Julia Ribbeck play it with nonchalantly malicious fun in brutality. Sure, it's grotesque, but like Sartre's one of dissecting sincerity... The courage to perform this premiere was rewarded in Eggenfelden...  


Anyone who wants to know how contemporary theater works should pay a visit to the Klagenfurt ensemble. In the Theater Halle 11, Josef Maria Krasanovsky is a “wild youngster” who lets the play by Wolfram Lotz march on in a big, grotesque and highly intelligent way. The approach to the celebrated,

ke-tested director for this hodgepodge of content carriers.  

THE GREAT MARCH  Kronenzeitung Carinthia

"... Sympathy is usually distributed without a rational foundation. It's something that grabs and doesn't let go. That's how Josef Maria Krasanovsky's theater panopticon works... He paves this enchanting fun with crazy allegories (stars, apples, bulls, Indians , Black Peter, Black Petra...) to a highway of absurdity... ... Instigated by the overall dazzling ensemble, an hour and a half agony fever rears up in which one gladly sweats, laughs and broods... A full of lust and Absurdly screaming evening about transience, splendidly fueled by a rousing ensemble."



Peter Grubmuller

...what the Klagenfurt ensemble offers with "Faust3" is an orgasmic ride into hell on the creation carousel, which races in high-speed mode from one act of procreation to the next and immediately turns the entire history of mankind upside down. The brilliant ensemble has the negating clown (Gerhard Lehner) breathing down Faust's neck, Josef Maria Krasanovsky  juxtaposes all sensual pleasure with an exuberant creation.  


Kronenzeitung Irina Lino

... Earthquake, volcanoes, ice age and deluge ... Sounds pessimistic and it is, but it's still a lot of fun in the pitch-black production by the Austrian scene director Josef Maria Krasanovsky. This is due to the overall concept: Not only professionals and amateurs from Eggenfelden play here, but also migrants from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. This is how Thornton becomes

Wilder's apocalypse drama a play about the infamous question of whether it's enough for everyone...  


... The Theater an der Rott has succeeded in creating a ludicrous catastrophe satire, half bizarre educational theater, half wacky performance with lots of tinsel and glamor ... Alexander Mitterer, Julia Ribbeck, Nadine Breitfuss, Jacqueline Krapf and Burak Uzuncimen play the biblical family saga with great pleasure in the anarchic appearance, in the weird sense of humor, caustic situational comedy, trash and whirlwind.


And the wonderful thing about it: The old and new Eggenfeldeners keep up undeterred. So much boisterous creation show naturally irritated many viewers - the Theater an der Rott took the liberty not to be intimidated by it. Bravo!




Peter Jungblut 

... Dada uninhibited ... Josef Maria Krasanovsky and his shamelessly funny,

virtuosic, unrestrained ensemble design an exuberant product ...

... Dada's inhibitions and covers fall and at the end Dada burns candles in the naked backside of the performers who congratulate them on their 100th birthday.  

DADA KLAGENFUT  Kronen Zeitung Carinthia


… some of the visitors who attended the premiere of “News from the Ejection Seat” probably got into mental skids …  as a spectator you were carried away by the fast, intoxicating performance, only now and then you are reminded with sentences like "this is your story" that all of this people really had to experience. An excessive evening ... sometimes a cable is wrapped around your neck or you jump completely naked on a trampoline ... A relaxed, feel-good evening at the theater works differently, but maybe this play will become a moment that changes life for some people ... 

... It has been a long time since there has been a piece in this country that raises the unrestrained desire to experiment to an art form. A "family constellation" of the obscene, intelligent and in the literal sense sparkling, funny kind that fishes in the pond of the Büchner archetypes and hits on many socio-political topics with vulgar language means ... Simply awesome!

THE NERVES OF FISH Kronen Zeitung Carinthia


... grandiose staging in the Linz Theater Phönix ... The two actors manage to play a game within a game in a unique way ... That creates the uncanny pull ... Josef M. Krasanovsky leads the actors to wonderful performances.

THE INTERVIEW Kronen Zeitung Oberösterreich

... for visitors of all ages in the Next Liberty, director Josef Maria Krasanovsky once again presents a sparkling production after the two strokes of genius "Tschick" and "Supergute Tage" that will leave you amazed ...  


...  Josef Maria Krasanovsky makes the figures revolve like planets. With the foresight of an astronomer, he guides the audience through the theatrical solar system...  The result is two and a half 'super good' hours...  Krasanovsky can count on a great success.”

SUPER GOOD DAYS Kronen Zeitung Styria

Happy hormones on the trip into the blue ... "Tschick" in the Next Liberty, a hit ... The crew at the Austrian  First performance harmonizes brilliantly. Best of all: Josef Maria Krasanovsky, who lives in Vienna, bundles the story so exciting and full of life that the happy hormones do somersaults despite the accident scene ...  

TSCHICK  Small newspaper

... The production "Where are we now?" is post-post-post-dramatic theater ... The five performers of "Aid to Panic in the 21st Century" play it really well...  

WHERE ARE WE NOW? butterfly

... It was a marathon of vocal highlights, a tour de force of a dramaturgically and musically masterful production by the director ...  

SECRET MARRIAGE Opera  Passau New Press

... two actors, a park bench, a suitcase, two newspapers. Josef Maria Krasanovsky doesn't need more to tell his multidimensional story...  


... Without raising any index fingers or waving flags, Josef Maria Krasanovsky managed to have an entertaining evening on the subject of home ...  


... In between, a fresh wind sweeps around the audience's ears, eyes, brains and buttocks, which one rarely feels in the theater of this time ... Largely produced, implemented with refreshing ease that did not at the expense of depth ...  


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